Synergy International Systems will have activities also in Nagorno-Karabakh

Armenian branch of the Synergy International Systems Company and the Ministry of Economics of Nagorno-Karabakh have signed an agreement about the cooperation and according to it the company will act also in NKR.

As REGNUM news agency informs chairman of the company Ashot Hovhannisyan noted that all bases existed in Artsakh to develop the Information Technologies. And this development will give an opportunity to have new working places and will give the specialists appropriate job with high salary.

For the first period some talented young people will formulate a group and then the group will gather new forces. It is supposed to invite also specialists from Yerevan to hold some classes for the local professionals.

Yerevan branch of the Synergy International Systems Company offers service pockets for the complex programming.

The Governments of various states and international organizations are the main costumers of the company.

Synergy International Systems Company was founded on 1997 in the USA, Virginia state and then spread its activities in the Central America, European countries, Asia, Middle East and Africa. It acts in Armenia since 1999.

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