Speaker of Azerbaijani MFA: Iran is envious of Azerbaijan

Iranian-Azerbaijani relations are one of the most discussed themes in Azerbaijani media for the last some days.  As it was already informed in the morning Iranian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Mohammed Bagir Bahrami is called back.

According to the official source Ambassador is called for some consultations. But Azerbaijani media wrote that some other reasons may be as well.

Besides this some actions of protests were held in front of the Iranian Embassy in Baku and they were directed to the “anti-Azerbaijani policy in Iran”. As APA writes massive protests were held in Tabriz and Urmia “against indifference of the government to Lake Urmia’s drying up”.

”Dozens of protestors took part at massive peaceful demonstrations chanting slogans like “Long live Azerbaijan”, “Let Azerbaijan be unified, let them become blind who don’t want it”, “Lake Urmia is dying, and Majlis issue decree to this death”, the source continues.In Asgarabad settlement and in place called “Sardaran” clashes also were reported between police and protestors.

And then, again today, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Elman Abdullayev told Azerbaijani media that Iran is envious of Azerbaijan.

“Unfortunately, some forces, including Iran, are envious of Azerbaijan because a contest like Eurovision is held here”, he told the journalists.

 The spokesman said there was uncertainty in Iran. “Iranian embassy said that the ambassador was recalled for the consultations, but some mass media reported that this recalling is some reaction. That is to say that there is some uncertainty on this issue in Iran and some forces couldn’t specify why the ambassador was recalled to Tehran. Unfortunately some forces, including Iran, are envious of Azerbaijan because a contest like Eurovision is held here and a lot of foreign tourists came to Azerbaijan”, Abdullayev concluded.

Iranian-Azerbaijani relations are strained for already a long time. Since the beginning of this year these two states sent some notes of protests bilaterally.

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