Politician: Azerbaijan has the habit to hide own victims

“Any danger for Armenia is a danger for the CSTO and any military action towards Armenia means that the organization is a conflicting side as well.” Politician Hrant Melik-Shahnazaryan announced about this during the press-conference at “Armat” press-club today referring to the announcement by CSTO Secretary General Nicolay Bordzyuzha about the support to Armenia. Bordzyuzha announced yesterday during the TV bridge that if Armenia is endangered so the CSTO will support it as Armenia is a complete member of the organization.

According to the politician this announcement and the CSTO military trainings in Armenia are alert for Azerbaijan which shows that “Armenia is under CSTO consideration and the member countries are resolute to protect its ally’s interests”.

The speaker noted that Azerbaijan and Turkey are trying now to change the format of the NK issue negotiations as OSCE MG is a unique forum where the grant countries have got agreement about the political future of the region.

Turkey tries to be included in this format. They offered to launch peace platform in Caucasus then Armenian-Turkish relations, but all these initiatives were failed”.

Speaking about Armenian punitive actions towards Azerbaijani Army the politician said: “Every time when Armenian side announces about the punitive actions towards the Azerbaijani Armed Forces first they deny the fact and when announce that Azerbaijani soldier is dead a s result of the mine blast, during the educational trainings and so on”.

According to H. Melik-Shahnazaryan Azerbaijan realizes that it is impossible to cover the information about losses but they try to keep Azerbaijani society away from dissatisfactions.

According to the speaker Azerbaijan has this habit to hide own victims.  

“We have held a research recently which is called “Brotherhood cemeteries of Heidar Aliyev”. Azerbaijani Army had great losses during the Artsakh war and they did not make a list of the victims. They just buried them in the same place and announced that these people are lost and no on knows where they are”, the politician informed and added that they have marked 15 places. The research is going on.

According to H. Melik-Shahnazaryan Azerbaijanis also try to make provocation and hope that Armenians will not answer as the world is concentrated on Azerbaijan because of the “Eurovision 2012” song contest.  But the politician is sure that Baku is mistaken in its calculations and the last developments prove it.


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