S. Sargsyan: “BSEC has its important role in cooperation between the regional countries”

Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan sent a message to the participants of the Black Sea Economical Cooperation (BSEC) 39th Council which is taking place in Yerevan. Press service of Armenian President informs about this.

The message especially says: “I am happy to welcome the participants and the guests of the 39th session of the Black Sea Economical Cooperation.

Armenia pays much attention to the international organizations and especially to the BSEC activities as an important institution for the region. Armenia agreed to host the session even on the last days of the current Parliament and did not connect BSEC session with the inner political issues.

Today the Parliamentarian diplomacy has its unique role in the inter-governmental relations. It has especially great role in establishing democracy and the human rights protection sphere. Inter-governmental cooperation has important role in establishing atmosphere of bilateral confidence. And all these values lead to the peace and stability in the regional cooperation.

Armenia is sure that bilateral confidence can lead our region to the compromise and peace solutions of all conflicts.”

Mr. President also underlined that BSEC has its important role in cooperation between the regional countries.

“I wish success to your works”, S. Sargsyan concluded.  

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