Al. Iskandaryan: “The business must be separated from the politics”

Politician Alexander Iskandaryan met journalists today and spoke about the Armenian inner and foreign politics.

Speaking about the newly-creating parliament and the possibility of the coalition the politician said that the forces are now making and getting offers. According to him “Prosperous Armenia” has bases to be or not to be in the coalition.  

“They must choose the profitable version. It is important what they will be offered. “Prosperous Armenia” is unable to keep the society in the squares for five years. I think that it is more possible that “PA” will enter to the coalition”, A. Iskandaryan considers.

The politician also ensured that coalition consisted from the Armenian Republican Party (RPA) and “Rule of Law” will certainly exist.

A. Iskandaryan considers it is positive that the number of the businessmen is reduced in the new parliament. He hoped that the business will be separated from the politics more in future as well.

“This is a process which is going on inside the authorities. We can not say that it is managed completely now but there is some movement. Business must be separated from the politics in order not to have influence on the political decisions. But it must not be completely separated from the state as they are parts of each other”.

Referring to the foreign policy the politician noted that there are no essential processes for Armenia now.  “All events form Chicago to the Eurovision in Baku are not essential for Armenian foreign policy. It is just a balloon”.

“No scenario for the NATO summit could exist, no decision by Armenia could have any influence on the decision which are already made and all these has no connection with Armenia”, Iskandaryan added.

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