J. Heffern: “We hope that Turkey will make a right step”

“The USA still hopes the process of normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations will restart and official Washington continues its work with Turkey”. US Ambassador to Armenia John Heffern told about this “Radio Liberty”.
Answering to the question whether there is any perspective for the Armenian-Turkish relations’ normalization, Mr. Ambassador said: “Of course… We hope that the normalization process of Armenian-Turkish relation will be restarted and it will not be connected with any other issue. We continue our work with Turkey and lead it to make right steps”.
Referring to the question which concrete steps Washington holds to normalize relations between Armenia and Turkey, Heffern said:
“We meet Armenian and Turkish officials frequently and convince them to normalize relations. We are very satisfied that Armenian President showed political will and pushed forward the protocols and did not call them back from the Parliament. We hope that Turkey will make a right step”.
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