S. Safaryan: Risks for becoming opposition are too big for “Prosperous Armenia”

Leader of the “Heritage” party Styopa Safaryan met journalists today and spoke about the developments after Parliamentarian elections in Armenia. He noted that the political parties have no active actions after the elections. According to the speaker the society is not interested in the politics very much and this is noe of the reasons of the passive situation. And besides this “citizen who has taken electoral bribe will not go to the street”.

“Developments after these elections did not differ from the developments after the previous elections. People did not have any special expectations from the elections and this is one of the resons”, Safaryan considers.

While speaking about the problem of electoral bribe the deputy said: “Now the Parliament nearly does not decide anything and may be that is why people sell their votes easier during the Parliamentarian elections than during the Presidential elections”.

Safaryan announced that despite of the Gagik Tsarukyan’s today’s announcement about not creating coalition “Prosperous Armenia” will cooperate with the authorities. “”Prosperous Armenia” does not have opportunity to change its condition in the political sphere. The risks for becoming opposition are too big”.

The speaker also commented on the information according which some deputies of “Heritage” party decided to refuse their mandates. According to Safaryan these are just opinions and the party has not announced its official attitude about it.

“Publications in media are not the reality and all questions will find their answers on June 2 during the party’s session”, S. Safaryan informed.

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