Swedish Loreen wins Eurovision 2012 (video)

Yesterday, on May26, inthe evening final round of the much discussed Eurovision 2012 song contest took place inBaku, Crystal Hall.

As Eurovision.tv informs Loreen fromSwedenwon the 2012 edition ofEurope‘s Favourite TV Show with 372 points!

On the eve of Eurovision contest human rights violations inAzerbaijanwere discussed in the world media.

“Opposition groups have used the Eurovision spotlight, intended byAzerbaijanto promote the country as a destination for tourism and business, to demand democracy and the resignation of the government.

Dozens of peaceful protesters have been arrested this month in the Caspian coastal capital,Baku. Activists say some buildings in the center of the city were torn down to make way for the Eurovision arena and residents were forcibly evicted without proper compensation”, Reuters writes.

Referring to the winner of the contest the source writes: “The 28-year-old pop singer won with the song “Euphoria” in the annual competition of 42 countries, delighting viewers and the contest’s professional judges and dancing barefoot as she sang.

“This is about all of us! Thank you so very much!” Loreen told a news conference.

She said the first to congratulate her were her family and her crew. Her mother joined her briefly at the news conference”.

Here is the winning song:


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