S. Sargsyan: “We bow to our veterans”

Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan delivered congratulatory speech at10th Convention of the Veterans’ Union of theRepublicofArmenia. Press service of Armenian President informs about this. Mr. President especially said:

“I salute the delegates and guests of the 10th Convention of the Veterans’ Union of the Republic of Armenia.

The veterans of war and labor for years have been the role models in life and in being a citizen for our society and, particularly, for the young generation. Our motherland, which we rightly take pride in, today is a modern state looking into the future first of all thanks to their heroism and dedication. 

Living next to us, in the same town or on the same street, sharing same concerns and problems, our veterans at the same time mount up all the valor and light that our nation has been carrying within from the depth of millennia. We bow to our veterans and assure that many more generations will be raised up on their example. 

Dear Veterans,

Your problems and daily concerns are in the focus of the Government’s attention. We are shaping a society where filial gratitude toward the veterans ought to be reigning. This is not a promise, this is our duty. 

I wish you all good health and happiness and wish you boundless energy to live and to act. 

I wish the 10th Convention of the Veterans’ Union productive work”.

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