Two Armenian parties signed a coalition agreement

Yesterday Armenian Republican Party and “Rule of Law” party signed an agreement about coalition. The text of the agreement especially says:

“Taking into consideration the results of the Parliamentarian elections on May 6, 2012 and rating the coalition agreement signed on March 21, 2008, two parties of the Armenian Parliament sign a coalition agreement now. The creation of the coalition aims to settle the problems which exist in the country, aims to provide stable and advanced development in Armenia.

The sides of the coalition are responsible to act in the frame of the signed agreement and to fulfill the joint politics and cooperate with each other. This cooperation aims to develop democratic reforms in Armenia and fulfill effectively pre-electoral programs of two parties.

Coalition counterparts are hopeful that the principles of the cooperation will assist to stand against challenges which Armenia faces today and also to overcome them.

Political coalition reconfirms once more the decision to present joint deputy for the coming Presidential elections in Armenia and Serzh Sargsyan is the deputy”, the agreement says.

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