“Azerbaijani ethnos”, “Azerbaijani identity”, do they exist? T. Vardanyan discussed in her book

“Russian Panorama” publishing house has published the book by Armenian Candidate of Historian Sciences Tamara Vardanyan named “Azerbaijanis: History of one uncompleted ethno-project: historian-ethnological remark”. The book is from the range “Caucasian researches”. The book is published by the decision of the scientific council of Institute of Political and Social Researches of the Black Sea and Caspian Sea region (director, professor Vladimir Zakharov). Armen Ayvazyan, doctor of Political Sciences is the editor and the author of the introduction of the book.

T. Vardanyan discussed some historical-ethnological thesis which are used by Azerbaijani and some foreign authors without any alternative. The thesis are about the creation of “Azerbaijani ethnos”, “ethnic Azerbaijani”, “ethnic territory of Azerbaijan”. The author discusses in her book how it is legal to use them and especially in the historical-scientific literature. T. Vardanyan touches upon to the question whether it is right to consider Azerbaijani ethnos as already completely formulated or this project is still going on.  

The author studies forms of self-identification, inner and outer processes of ethnos and the first signs of self-identifications among the Muslims in Caucasus in order to find out the questions presented above.

The book is intended for the historians, politicians, anthropologists, orientalists, sociologists, experts on ethnos and nationalism and also for the wide frame of the readers.

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