Today is Children’s Day: let every child have colorful childhood

Today the Children’s Day is celebrated in Armenia. As Wikipedia informs the tradition to celebrate the Children’s Day on 1 June was inherited from the times of the Societ Union. Usually on this day a lot of entertainment activities are organized for and with children across the country.
Children’s Day also presents good opportunity for organizations such as UNICEF to advocate for children’s rights in different platforms and forums. The celebrations of Children’s Day also continue beyond June 1 and numerous NGOs organize various events, including fundraising with participation of renowned singers, movie stars, governmental and public persons as well as top-ranking officials.
Today also political activists, artists, well-known people have congratulated children on Children’s day and wished them to have wonderful childhood. Many events are organized for children today in various parks and cafes.
Children are getting presents, colorful balloon, sweets and toys on June 1. And let every child have colorful childhood not only on June 1, but on other days of the year as well.

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