K. Manoyan: Azerbaijani actions may cause war

Today Director of the International Secretariat of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Bureau in Yerevan Kiro Manoyan had a meeting with journalists and referred to the regional issues and possible developments.

Speaking about the possible developments on NK issue settlement the speaker noted no expectation for advantage is real. “Everything and the international society as well realizes that Azerbaijani attitude is guilty for it. So the same international society does not have enough measures to have influence on Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan will try to transfer the settlement of the issue into UN as it is non-permanent member of the UN SC. So there is no sense to have any real expectations for the issue settlement in near future”.  

According to K. manoyan OSCE MG co-chairs also have the same opinion and that is why they do not make great efforts to neutralize danger of the war. The speaker noted at the same time that the possibility of war must not be excepted at all.

Azerbaijan is not sure that it will be able to win the war, it is not ready for the war, but the possibility of war must not be excluded at all. At the same time if the war started the blessing of oil will become a damn as the oil likes peace. Azerbaijani military announcements, provocations and cease-fire regime violations can cause war even without Azerbaijani will”, K. Manoyan underlined.

The speaker also referred to US State Secretary H. Clinton’s visit to the region and noted that visit proves the troubles in the region exist. As he noted the main troubles are connected with Iran.

According to Manoyan Armenia must use the occasion to make clarifications for the Armenian-Turkish relations and NK issue. “We must claim the USA to treat seriously Armenian-Turkish relations and to make pressure on Turkey to have relations without predictions with Armenia by recognizing Armenian Genocide.”

K. Manoyan also spoke about the situation in Syria and about Armenian Community there. He said that Armenian Community does not have serious problems with the security yet but the situation in Syria is still troubling.

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