The Independent: snipers on the Armenian border

Dr. Adrian C Pont, fellow worker of Oxford University, has published a letter in the British magazine “Independent” about his journey to Armenia. Mr. Pont especially says:

“Amid the hysteria generated by the Eurovision Song Contest, we should not overlook the aggressive attitude of Azerbaijan towards its neighbor Armenia.

Last week, while participating in a scientific collaboration with Armenian colleagues, I was in the north of Armenia and at various points very close to the border with Azerbaijan. In one village people came out of their houses to advise us not to drive further along the road as Azerbaijani snipers were regularly shooting across the border. A number of people, peacefully working in their fields, and even schoolchildren had been shot dead. Such incidents are widespread.

The purpose of such killings can only be to provoke retaliation by Armenia, creating a “border incident” and enabling Azerbaijan to try to annexe yet another small mountainous enclave of Armenia.

This part of Armenia is ethnically Armenian and the inhabitants are Christian and speak Armenian. They would have no wish to be incorporated into Islamic Azerbaijan, where they would suffer persecution or worse. Let us hope that democratic choice and the rule of law will prevail”.

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