US official: the USA will tighten sanctions against Iran if talks are failed in Moscow

As the US senior official announced on Monday in case the Moscow talks on Iranian nuclear program are failed the United States is going to tighten sanctions against Iran.

 “If we don’t get a breakthrough in Moscow there is no question we will continue to ratchet up the pressure,” David Cohen, U.S. Treasury undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, said in an interview with The Haaretz daily.

As Ria NOVOSTI writes Russia is hosting the third round of talks on Iran’s nuclear program June 18-19. Previous talks took place in Istanbul (Turkey) and Baghdad (Iraq).

Cohen said sanctions on Iran are biting, but more will be done to pressure the Islamic Republic to abandon its nuclear program.

“The sanctions are having an impact on Iran, but I also recognize that more needs to be done. And we are intent on doing more,” he said.

The Iran Six have presented proposals on how to resolve concerns over Iran’s current 20% uranium enrichment. Iran has expressed readiness to discuss this and other issues, including what it calls its right to pursue nuclear research. Iran announces that it has right on nuclear enrichment till 20 % and is going to protect this right. The West and Israel are making pressure on Iran concerning this issue and try to make it obey their will.

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