Politician: “Azerbaijani side always makes such steps before the important visits”

Expert of management Harutyun Mesropyan and politician Yervand Bozoyan met journalists today and spoke about the inner political developments in Armenia.

According to H. Mesropyan no new expectations from the new Parliament must be. “The new Parliament has no new characteristics compared with the previous one”.

According to him Armenia is still in the electoral round and the political trade is going on. “No new expectation towards the Presidential elections must be as well. If the political field is not changed then nothing will be changed”.

Politician Y. Bozoyan noted in his turn that Armenia passed through the paper revolution which means that according to RPA could not had more than 44 % votes.

The speaker underlined that if nothing is changes we will have the same image during the Presidential elections.  

The politician also referred to the US Secretary of State H. Clinton’s visit to Armenia and the firing in Chinari village of Tavush region. The politician said that Azerbaijani side always makes such steps before the important visits.  

Azerbaijan shows in this way that it does not want status quo and it blackmails the international society. Azerbaijan wants to show that if nothing is changed they will use dirty technologies”, Bozoyan considers.

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