H. Clinton: “President Obama and I appreciate highly relations with Armenia”

On June 4 Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan hosted US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton who visited Armenia.

As press service of Armenian President informs Serzh Sargsyan welcomed the guest and especially said: “You are always really wanted guest in Armenia. We celebrate 20th anniversary of Armenian-American diplomatic relations this year and I am happy that we can speak about development of the relations between two countries. Of course our nations have deeper history of cooperation and I am happy we can say today that these relations were created due to Armenian Community in the USA as well.

I am happy that our relations are based on bilateral trust and respect and we always can discuss any issue which bothers even one side. We rate US role in the region. I want to thank ones more for the assistance which the USA showed towards Armenia during these 20 years. You are welcome”.

Hilary Clinton especially said: “Mr. President, it is honor for me to be here again on the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Armenia and the USA. The USA has cooperated with Armenia during the last 20 years. We really rate our cooperation with Armenia and continue assisting reforms in Armenia. President Obama and I rate relations which we have with you. You and I have had conversations for many times which were really sincere. I know how You personally make efforts to find solutions for the regional problems. So we expect to continue the dialogue. The USA are always ready to assist You in Your continuing efforts as an excellent leader.

And of course I am very happy to see such sunny weather. We have been in Arctic and all Americans who are with me are happy to see such sunny weather in Yerevan”, Mrs. Clinton continued.

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