Azerbaijanis shot also at the ICRC representatives at Tavush region

Lecture of Yerevan State University Ruben Abrahamyan who is from Nerqin karmirakhnyur village, Tavush region, met journalists today and spoke about the situation there. As the speaker noted the firing is a usual case for the village residents.

“It was not only today and yesterday, but it has been since 1991. They are shooting just now, but the pupils are giving their final exams in the school”, the speaker said.

R. Abrahamyan also informed that Azerbaijani side opened fire even on the representatives of the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC). “The ICRC volunteers had to leave their work and go”.

YSU lecturer called on the journalists to be sensitive to this issue and spread only checked information. He also noted that the materials based only on the comments of the village governor or comments of the Facebook social network users only damage the situation.

“One can ask why this theme was forgotten and why everyone started to write about it just now. This topic must not be forgotten, but when it is discussed it must be done very cautiously in order not to have the opposite reaction”, R. Abrahamyan noted and added that there are many problems in Tavush which are worthy to be discussed more often.

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