Armenian newspapers today: new Governmental program to the Parliament

“Hraparak” newspaper writes: “As it is known Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargysan has already met with the representatives of Armenian Republican Party, “Rule of Law” and “Prosperous Armenia” in order to discuss some details concerning the Governmental program which will be presented to the Parliament. Representatives of “Heritage”, Armenian Revolutionary Federation and Armenian National Congress are only remained. The first two parties have been done some offers but there is even no agreement with ANC. This means that Tigran Sargsyan does not care about ANC attitude or he already knows which attitude to expect”.

“Yerkir” newspaper writes that thought the media announced that Gagik Tsarukyan will not remain in his post as the Chairman of Armenian Olympic Committee after “Prosperous Armenia” party refused to make a coalition with RPA but it is already seen that Tsarukyan will remain in his position. RPA rates Tsarukyan’s investment in Armenian sport development and it is not excluded that “Prosperous Armenia” party representative will be nominates as Minister of Sports and Youth issues.

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