Ali Akbar Salehi: Iran-Group 5+1 talks will success in case of mutual trust

The next round of the talks between Iran and P5+1 over the Iranian nuclear program will be held in Moscow, on June 18-19.

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi considers that the progress in the upcoming talks depends on creation of an atmosphere of mutual trust.

As IRNA informs Salehi made the remarks in a meeting with the visiting former third president of the Austrian National Assembly Werner Fasslabend on Sunday in Tehran.

“In concordance with the prevailing atmosphere of mutual trust and good will, I hope we should witness progress in the trend of Iran-Group 5+1 talks,” he added.

Previous wounds of talks were held in Istanbul (Turkey) and Iraq (Baghdad). Besides these talks Iran also negotiations with the International Agency Energy Atomic (IAEA) in Vienna some days ago.

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