Euro 2012: Spain-Ireland, Croatia-Italy will meet today

The 2012 Euro League play is going on.

As the Bleacher Report writes the European Championship is perhaps the most indicative way to prepare for the World Cup, and the qualifiers are intense and gritty. While teams like Russia, Germany, Croatia and the Ukraine lead the battles thus far, that does not mean that the games are done.

For many of the lower seeded teams, there are still multiple ways that which they can enter the next round of play.
After a well-fought battle against Germany, the Netherlands comes into their upcoming game with much riding in terms of World Cup implications.

While Germany’s Gomez scored twice to give the club the advantage in their most recent match, the Dutch still have real killer instincts and fight into them and must not give up yet. Despite dropping their last two matches, Holland can channel the energy that they played with in the first half as they head into their match against Portugal.

Contingent upon a Denmark loss against a strong German team, the team would be able to sneak into the qualifier.
If the team can beat Portugal by two or more goals, and if Germany is able to beat Denmark, the squad will easily be able to move on in the tournament.

Today, on June 14 Italy will meet Croatia and Spanish team will meet Irish team.


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