Tigran Sargsyan presented Gagik Beglaryan to the Government

Armenian Government holds session today. As it was expected Armenian Prime Minister presents the newly-appointed Ministers to the Governmental staff. Armenian Minister of Transport and Communication Gagik Beglaryan was the first whom Tigran Sargyan presented to the Government.

PM noted that some changes have been made as a result of the Parliamentarian elections and new Government by new format is created.

According to T. Sargsyan Ministry of Transport and Communication has fulfilled some important programs during these years and the constructions of the North-South road were especially underlined.

As the PM noted some more roads by the European standards will be built during this year.

Then T. Sargsyan spoke about the cooperation with the World Bank.

Tigran Sargsyan thanked former Minister of Transport and Communication Manuk Vardanyan for the work he has done and congratulated G. Beglaryan with the new position. Prime Minister hoped that Beglaryan would manage to fulfill the programs which are already launched. ”I am sure that you will do everything in order to pass this change fluently”, T. Sargsyan noted.
In his turn Manuk Vardanyan thanked Armenian President and Armenian PM for the trust. He underlined that the Ministry now has programs which are just started and programs which are to be ended already.

G. Beglaryan ensured that he would do his best in order Armenian President and Republican Party not to regret for the trust.


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