Portugal-Spain, Germany-Italy: half final of Euro 2012

Italian team beat English team on June 24 in frame of the quarter final plays of Euro 2012. So, according to the results of quarter final Portuguese team will meet Spanish one on June 27 in Ukraine, Donetsk. On June 28 Germany will meet Italy in Warsaw, Poland.

“In world soccer, there surely is no greater anguish than a penalty shoot-out involving England.
It’s agony to watch because you know in advance how it will end — with England players, proud men like Steven Gerrard, walking like the dead off the pitch. Alone in a world of torment, regret and what-ifs after falling short once again in the toughest, cruelest test this sport, any sport, has devised for players’ minds.

This time, against Italy in the most enthralling of the four Euro 2012 quarterfinals, the names that got added to England’s hall of penalty infamy were both Ashleys, Young and Cole”, Boston.com writes in its column.


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