CRRC will present report on Armenian “Migration ad Skills”

Caucasus Research Resource Center Armenia has launched a research entitled “Migration and Skills”. The research has been launched since July 2011 till June 2012.

“The Migration Survey intends to provide quantitative data of labor migration for analysis and later cross comparison with datasets gathered from other test countries. Information obtained from this endeavor will help guide labor migration efforts in Armenia with the European Union, which other counties have begun to initiate over the past several years. The Migration Survey of 2011-2012 has given CRRC-Armenia an opportunity to continue building upon data collection which will assist with development of well rounded policy recommendations at all institutional levels directed towards issues within the field of labor migration”, the official web-site of the center informs about this.

Full data collection survey, sample size is 4000: with 2600-potential migrants and 1400-Return migrants (18-50 years old) in Yerevan and regions.

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