Nalbandian: I’d describe Presidents’ meeting as frank, constructive and useful

“We thank French President Francoise Hollande for organizing Presidential meeting on Nagorno-Karabakh issue in Paris. This is the third such meeting during the last three months and it shows that the three co-chairing countries are decisive to continue their active efforts to achieve the issue solution. And today’s meeting in Paris was in the same context”. As informs, Armenian Foreign Affairs Minister Edward Nalbandian announced about this in night.

“We highly appreciate all the initiatives which give opportunity the sides to get acknoledged to each other’s positions and attititue”, said the Minister.

“Today’s meeting I would describe as frank, constructive and useful. Many issue referring to the NK issue settlement were discussed. We have the same attitude to the issue as the three co-chairing countries have. Azerbaijani attitude differs a little”, the Minister stated. 

Nalbandian also informed that the Presidents had opportunity also to discuss issues of regional, international interest and importance. 


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