K. Nazaryan: South Caucasus really needs programs by the donor countries

On July 12 UN Security Council had a discussion on the peacemaking in the post-conflict term. UN SC refers to the theme once in a year. During the discussions the participants speak about the peacemaking processes of the conflicting countries and societies and refer to the mechanisms of their fulfillment. UN peacemaking committee activities are also included in the discussions. Press service of Armenian Ministry of Defense informs about this.

UN Secretary General, representatives of nearly 30 member countries delivered speeches. Armenian representatives to the UN Karen Nazaryan also delivered speech during the discussion.

Karen Nazaryan referred to the international experience and noted that the economic cooperation could become a measure for the strengthening confidence between the sides even if the negotiations on conflict settlement are taking place yet.

Ambassador Nazaryan underlined in his speech that South Caucasus really needs programs by the donor countries and financial foundations which will assist to have long peace and stable development in the region.

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