Turkish human rights association condemned Azerbaijan

One of the main human rights associations in Turkey has condemned the violation of freedom of belief in Azerbaijan. Iranian Press TV reports about this.

Recep Karagoz, the deputy secretary general of the Association of Human Rights and Solidarity for Oppressed People (MAZLUMDER), issued a statement on Tuesday. The statement called for an end to the violation of freedom of belief in Azerbaijan. 

The statement noted that several people were arrested in various cities of Azerbaijan after Friday prayers on February 17.

“According to information we have obtained, many renowned religious figures, theologians, journalists, and people from political parties have been arrested. Police forces later handed over the detained people to the National Security Ministry,” the statement said. 

The statement noted that Anar Bayramili, a correspondent working for Iran’s Sahar TV network, was among the about 100 people who were arrested. 

The arrested religious figures were detained after being charged with carrying guns or possession of heroin, the statement added. 

International human rights associations condemn human rights violations in Azerbaijan and call on the authorities to protect human rights in the state. 

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