Expert: “Azerbaijan does not prepare for the war, the military exercises are just an exhibition”

Azerbaijan does not get ready for the war, though the military exercises have psychological impression both for the inner audience and for Armenians as well, who are the target group in this context.” Military expert Artsrun Hovhannisyan said about this during the press-conference at “Armat” press-club today.

The speaker underlined that the military exercise organized in any country aim to check the military situation of the Army and to raise the level of military capability.

“The fact that the exercises are held on the border must not become a reason for troubles. I remember very few examples when they did not do in on the border. They announce that the military exercises are incomparable this time but we have no information about it and can say nothing yet”, the expert noted.

According to A. Hovhannisyan it is not accidental that the exercises are organized just on the cold winter days. The experience shows that Azerbaijanis were defeated during the winter struggles. The speaker noted that the chief staff of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces leads the exercises, which makes them more sonorous.

According to the military expert military exercises in Artsakh are also organized on the border connected with the territory. But the enemy has bigger border and may choose another territory, which is impossible for us. A. Hovhannisyan considers that though the exact place of the exercises is not noted it traditionally must be on the South-Western part of the border. The expert also noted that Azerbaijan did not get ready for the war.

“Maybe Azerbaijanis themselves do not realize how they want to lead war or all this is just an exhibition. Anyway I do not see why these preparations are needed”, A. Hovhannisyan said. He also underlined that Azerbaijan gets such types of weapons which is not possible to use in this region.  

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