Newspapers today: journalists’ wish to become deputies seems to come true

“Zhamanak” newspaper had an interview with journalist Margarit Yesoyan who answered to some questions about involving in the RPA proportional list in coming elections. Answering to the question whether she applied to the party the journalist said: “I have not presented an application, I have just expressed my will. My name is discussed since 2007, and now it is discussed as well. This time the wishes of both sides coincided. ”

“Hraparak” also referred to the theme and noted that Margarit Yesoyan’s name will be written in 47-48th places of the RPA list. “This might be a defeat for any other party, but this is an honored place for RPA and the owner of the place will enter to the Parliament. We can consider that our colleague has a place in the Parliament”, the newspaper writes.

“Hraparak” also writes that leader of the not existing RPA staff, NA former speaker Hovik Abrahamyan does not participate in NA sessions. Note that RPA session will take place on the next Saturday, on women’s festival. As “Yerkir” writes businesswoman Silvia Hambardzumyan decided not to participate in any party till the elections. She has changed her strategy and after the victory she will wait for the offers.

Representatives of the “Free democrats” Ararat Zurabyan told “Haykakan zhamanak” that their party will make an alliance with “Heritage” and will not be in “Heritage” party’s staff.

“168 hours” refers to the elections which will take place in March 4, in Russia. “Tomorrow presidential elections will take place in “Armenian strategic ally” Russia and V. Putin will certainly win in it. And not only in Russia but also in Armenia the elections will be cautiously followed a sit is known that Armenian political frames connect their future with the developments in Russia. So all those forces will wait for V. Putin’s victory in the elections without any noise and they hope Putin will become the President of Russia in coming 8 years. ”

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