German MFA: “Germany assists OSCE MG efforts towards NK issue settlement”

“Unsettled conflicts of South Caucasus make obstacles for the peace development of the whole region. Status quo can not be a permanent condition. The whole region could get great dividends from the peace settlement of the issue. Now we need compromises and not battle. Now courage steps and establishment of the confidence are needed”, German Minister of Foreign Affairs Guido Westerwelle announced about this during the interview with

Armenpress news agency noted that Nagorno Karabakh conflict is one of the most important conflicts in the South Caucasus and Mr. Minister was asked which solutions he saw for the conflict and which steps he considered must be held. German diplomat answered: “Peace settlement of the issue is on top. So Germany assists the US, French and Russian efforts as the OSCE member country. At the same time we have worked for EU involvement in the issue as well. Last conclusions by the EU and EU special mandate for the South Caucasus can be a good base for it. EU active involvement must be in frame of the OSCE MG. First of all I think about the importance of the holding steps to create bilateral confidence”.

Mr. Ambassador was asked whether the recognition of Southern Sudan and Kosovo can be an example for Nagorno Karabakh as well.

“Every case is unique. So the recognition of Southern Sudan and Kosovo can not be a precedent for other international recognitions as well. Germany assists OSCE MG efforts towards NK issue settlement which must be based on balance between the territorial integrity and nations’ self-determination”, Ambassador answered.

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