Armenian newspapers: elections are the top theme

According to “Haykakan zhamanak” leaders of the “Heritage” party and “Free democrats” party had a hot discussion till late night yesterday. The joint list published on Sunday was the theme of dissatisfactions. According to the newspaper the sides gathered to discuss how to change the list in order to keep peace in the theme.

A “Heritage” member told the newspaper that hardly any serious changes might take place as the changes may cause dissatisfaction of the members who are satisfied with the current image of the list.

“Zhokhovurd” newspaper writes that Armenian NA deputy Ruben Hayrapetyan may change his mind till March 22 and present his candidacy at Yerevan I electoral territory (Avan region).

“I have convinced my friend Ruben Hayrapetyan to put his candidacy. Otherwise I would remain alone at the National Assembly. I want him also to come”, Armenian NA deputy Samvel Alexanyan told “Zhokhovurd” yesterday. Before this R. Hayrapetyan announced that only S. Alexanyan might convince him to present his candidacy at the Parliamentarian elections. Dean of the History department of the Armenian Pedagogic University Edik Gevorgyan’s candidacy at the noted electoral territory may be endangered. Styopa Safaryana and Zoya Tadevosyan may also present their candidacies at this electoral territory.

As “168 hours” writes authorities register many people form the regions in Yerevan in order to provide the necessary amount of votes. According to the newspaper this action will assist the authorities to deny the obvious violations and the elections will pass “legal” and without any noise.

“Irates de facto” writes that during the whole convention of the “Prosperous Armenia” party Gagik Tsarukyan sat at Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan. After his speech he again came and sat near the President. According to the newspaper he felt awkward during V. Oskanyan’s speech which had opposite character. Even it is announced that he ordered Oskanyan to stop speaking.

“Hraparak” writes that Armenian Revolutionary Federation keeps its list in secret. As the newspaper managed to find out lecturer Nvard Manasyan will be the first woman of the list. As the source informs Davit Loqyan and Levon Mkrtchyan will not have a place in the list.

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