Obama applied to Iranian and North Korean leaders at 2012 Summit on Nuclear Safety

On March 26-27 2012 Summit on Nuclear Safety is held in Republic of Korea, Seoul. As it could be expected Iran is under consideration during this summit. Los Angeles Times magazine writes that today US President Barack Obama made a direct appeal to the leaders of North Korea and Iran, urging them to “have the courage” to step away from their nuclear weapons programs, rather than follow a path toward greater isolation and economic distress.

“You can continue down the road you are on, but we know where that leads,” Obama said in a speech.

Addressing new leaders in Pyongyang, Obama warned that their current path would lead to “more broken dreams, more isolation and ever more distance between the people of North Korea and the dignity and opportunity they deserve.”

To Tehran, he said that “time is short” for diplomacy to defuse a standoff over its nuclear program.

Speaking with the reporters about North Korea Obama said: “The situation in North Korea is still very unsettled. It’s not clear exactly who is calling the shots and what their long-term objectives are”.

The Western forces try to make pressure of Iran mainly by sanctions and warnings. Some days ago the EU confirmed the next file of sanctions against Iranian officials. The EU also puts sanctions on Iranian oil. The USA urges the main costumers to refuse Iranian oil and puts Iran in hard condition. Iranian side in its turn warns to cut off the oil supply which will have bad consequences for the world oil market. Iran also continues announcing that their nuclear program is just for the peace civilian needs and it will not be stopped.

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