Armenian Police applies to the activists: your actions may cause responsibility

Activists of the Mashtots Park have announced that they have decided to remove the kiosks of the Mashtots Park on March 31 by their own forces. Armenian Police spread an application directed to the activists. The announcement especially says:

 “Armenian Police has warrant to announce that the actions of the activists which are planned for March 31, at 13:00 at Mashtots Park are not protected by the law of the meetings freedom. The attempt to remove the kiosks from the Park may be described as illegal and may cause responsibility by the law. Police reminds once more that any administrative act connected with the constructive works at the park may be discussed only in the court. Any violation of others’ constitutional rights and the violation of the public discipline will bring the responsibility if the legal bases exist.

Armenian Police calls on and asks once more to deny the illegal actions and do not make the situation sharper by the provocations. By the way Police workers have warned today the Mashtots Park activists about the responsibilities which their actions can cause.”

Note that Armenian Human Rights Defender Karen Andreasyan also applied to the activists and called on them to refuse the illegal actions. “Even the illegal action may not be prevented illegally”, the Defender especially underlined.

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