Activists in Mashtots Park are applying to Yerevan Municipality: the removal of kiosks does not happen now

Activists are in the Mashtots Park now. Though the activists have announced that they will start to remove the kiosks from the Park at 13:00, but the noted time has already passed and the activists are just speaking and applying to the Yerevan municipality.

Note that before they have spread an announcement about their decision and at the same time they warned the Police do not make obstacles for them while fulfilling their work.

Armenian Police released another announcement in its turn and warned the activists that their plans are illegal. “The illegal actions may be considered as the violation of the law and may cause responsibility. Armenian Police warns once more that any administrative act connected with the constructive works at the park may be discussed only in the court. Any violation of others’ constitutional rights and the violation of the public discipline will bring the responsibility if the legal bases exist. ”

The activists consider that they do not have anything to speak with the police representatives and they just claim to speak with a representative of Yerevan Municipality.  

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