Turkish-Iranian relations: rivals or allies?

As the head of the National Security and Foreign Affairs commission of the Iranian Mejlis Ismail Kesari announced Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan exhausted his political position in the last political events.

Turkey must feel shame as it has gathered all Syrian enemies around it. They even call themselves as Turkish “friends”. Iran is not the country which will obey Turkey. If he (Erdogan) and other Turkish officials are not able to make decisions themselves and someone else must tell them so Iranian politicians have nothing to de there”, Kesari announced and added that Turkish politicians have become tools for the great countries, Mehr news agency informs,

At the same time IRNA writes that Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mihman-parast said that Tehran-Ankara strategic ties should not be damaged, adding that only stances taken by the related officials should be the basis of evaluation and practice.

He also emphasized that remarks made by different people should not have any negative effects on bilateral relations.

Mihman-parast, replying a question concerning Iran-Turkey relations and statements by different persons, said that Iran and Turkey, as two powerful and effective countries in the region with plenty of historical, cultural and religious commonalities, have strategic relations and close stances in most of the international and political issues.

Mihman-parast added that Iran has always declared its viewpoints with full honesty and frankness and has made effective efforts to establish security and stability in the region.

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