A. Sargsyan: “Democratic Party will present its ideology based on European democratic socialism”

Head of the Armenian Democratic Party Aram Sargsyan met journalists today and spoke about the coming Parliamentarian elections.

According to A. Sargsyan he did not know well the points of the document by RPA member Davit Harutyunyan which offers to hold civil and fair elections in our country. At the same time he underlined that he would not join the document of organizing a common staff to supervise the elections which is signed by “Prosperous Armenia”, “Heritage” party, Armenian Revolutionary Federation and Armenian National Congress.   

“First they gathered after it Hmayak Hovhannisyan called me apologized and invited me. But the document was already created and I did not know the plot of it”, he said.

Journalists asked whether it was possible Armenian Democratic Party might join the document after A. Sargsyan got acquainted with it.

“No, it is impossible. We are not uninvited guests. This is the first. And the second: if Armenian National Movement is there I can not sign it.”

And referring to Davit Harutyunyan’s offer A. Sargsyan said that Armenian Democratic Party is going to discuss it.

Chairman of the party also informed that Democratic Party will start its pre-electoral propaganda on April 10, tomorrow. According to the speaker the first meeting with the electors will take place in Yerevan, at Theatre of young audience. A. Sargsyan also added that meeting in Gyumri is scheduled on April 11, on April 14 they will meet voters in Masis and on April 15 they will be in Vanadzor.

Aram Sargsyan underlined that Democratic Party would present its ideology based on European democratic socialism. According to him mechanisms to support the young families have great place in their pre-electoral program.

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