Armenian newspapers: elections and new discoveries on them

According to “Hraparak” newspaper many Armenians have an aim to reach Europe and get a political shelter there. But some bases for it are needed. Elections are a good opportunity to get an image as if you are attacked for your political views. According to the newspaper people who intend to go to Europe become assistants of the opposition candidates and get the needed card. And if some extraordinary case takes place in the electoral territory  it will be just excellent. The case can be considered to success. According to the newspaper there are some candidates who have presented their candidacies just for leaving to Europe.

“Haykakan zhamanak” newspaper writes that well-known film-director Tigran Khzmalyan who is well-known for his opposition views have appeared in really strange and not standard situation. His wife Narine Mirzoyan is included in the RPA list. Tigran Khzmalyan confirmed the fact during the conversation with the newspaper. He gave a rather strange explanation. According to the film director his wife in included in the RPA list without informing her about it. The explanation could be reasonable but there is another “little” point: Narine Mirzoyan is still in the RPA list.

According to “Irates de facto” the next most important intrigue will be the formulation of the coming Government. It will have an interesting “geography”. Leading RPA will send some Ministers to the National Assembly and some of them will be sent to have a rest. This means that some new faces will be among the Ministers.

According to the newspaper Minister of the Education and Science Armen Ashotyan will be sent to another post. RPA decided that Hranush Hakobyan is “unchangeable” and will remain in her position. According to the initial information Seyran Ohanyan will also continue his work.

As “Zhokhovurd” writes Armenian second President Robert Qocharyan will make an announcement on the eve of the Parliamentarian elections. Qocharyan intends to speak about the inner problems. It is not excluded that he will give his next interview to his lovely Mediamax news agency. Once speaking with his close people Qocharyan announced that he wants to improve this country.

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