Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense spread the next disinformation

“A soldier of Azerbaijani Army was wounded as a result of violation of ceasefire by Armenian armed forces.

Soldier of the Azerbaijan’s National Army, Aykhan Nizami Mustafayev was wounded by Armenians during his combat post. He was hospitalized”. Azerbaijani Press Agency writes this news quoting to the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry which is disinformation in reality.   

”Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense spread disinformation. Artsakh Defense Army first departments strictly protect the ceasefire regime on the border”, speaker of the Artsakh Defense Ministry Senor Hasratyan told answering to the announcement by Azerbaijanis.

Answering to the question whether any Armenian soldier was wounded S. Hasratyan said: “No, there is nothing like it, Artsakh Defense Army has no losses”.

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