Armenian newspapers today: participants of elections and political debates

“Haykakan zhamanak” writes that former member of the Armenian National Movement Ararat Zurabyan cuts off all ties with the “Free democrats” and “Heritage” party. Note that Zurabyan was the member of the “Free democrats” party. Two close people to Zurabyab, Yervand Zurabyan and Davit Araqelyan were presented by the joint list of the “Free democrats” and “Heritage”. These two people refused from the candidacy and left the struggle. This event is considered by the newspaper as the next proof that Zurabyan cuts off ties with the noted alliance.

“Haykakan zhamanak” also writes that Central Electoral Committee worker informed the newspaper Narine Mirzoyan from the RPA list (116th place) presented the note to the CEC about living in Armenia during the last five years. This is important information as Narine Mirzoyan’s husband well-known activist and film director Tigran Khzmalyan announced and claimed that he and her wife were not informed Mirzoyan is included in the list. But N. Mirzoyan had to herself visit the passport department and must write an application according which she wanted to participate in the elections. And after it she would get the note from the passport department according which she have lived in Armenia during the last five years.

As “Zhokhovurd” writes referring to its well-informed sources “Heritage” party will do everything to leave the joint electoral staff which is created on April 4. According to the source “Heritage” will present offers during today’s meeting but it is also well-known that no one of the forces will agree. It is not excluded that they will leave the staff if their claims are denied. Vice chairman of the “Heritage” party Ruben Hakobyan announced that they would present two significant offers in the staff. “If this staff really has practical use and is not just an imitation so our offers must be accepted”, he said.

“Chorrod inqnishkhanutyun” writes: “Armenian TV channels are now monitored. Both local and international organizations follow how balanced Armenian TV channels present the pre-electoral campaign. Political debates are now needed by the audience and are needed for the TV channel’s name as well”.

The newspaper spoke about the pre-electoral programs with head of the political news department of “Center” TV channel Petros Ghazaryan and with executive producer of the “Arm news” TV channel Artak Alexanyan. Answering to the question whether P. Ghazaryan was going to launch pre-electoral debates, the journalist answered: “”Center” TV channel will try to organize debates on all interesting question before and after elections”, he said. P. Ghazaryan was asked whether Levon Ter-Petrosyan and Serzh Sargsyan will be invited. “All are included in all”, he said. Artak Alexanyan also informed that “Arm news” will also organize debates and they are going to invite all nine parties to have a debate together. Artak ALexanyan was also asked about S. Sargsyan and L. Ter-Petrosyan and answered that the invitations are already sent to them.

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