Bako Sahakyan is preparing to run for the second term of Presidency

On 11 April Artsakh President Bako Sahakyan visited the Askeran region and partook at the tree planting activities in the vicinities of the Ivanyan village.

Thereupon the President left for the town of Martakert and partook at the enlarged meeting of the regional administration dedicated to work carried out in the region during the year of 2011.  

Head of the regional administration Levon Chalyan, heads of communities and different enterprises as well as other responsible officials delivered corresponding reports.

In his speech the B. Sahakyan noted that taking into consideration huge potential of the Martakert region its development had been at a special spotlight of the state authorities. He underlined that the realization of several strategically important projects in the region would give a new quality to the prosperity of both the Martakert and the whole republic. Bako Sahakyan gave clear-cut instructions for proper realization of the planned activities. 

At the end of the meeting the President answered questions raised by the attendees, including the one related to his participation in the coming Presidential elections.

Bako Sahakyan noted that he was preparing to run for the second term of Presidency on the basis of self-nomination because he does not belong to any political party. His decision Sahakyan explained by the fact that he feels responsibility to accomplish all the projects that have been launched during the five years of his presidency. He considered crucial the confidence of the people as the supreme political authority, underlining that only being vested with such confidence it would be possible to solve issues our republic faces and carry out all the projects directed to make Artsakh prosper.

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