The next reason of Iranian-Azerbaijani tenses: Azerbaijan gave a military base to Israel

The US “Foreign Policy” informed that Azerbaijan gave a territory to Israel to build a military airplane which may be used for the military actions against Iran. writes referring to Iranian arannews news agency that it is the “Shitalchay” military base which is situated on the Northern part of Azerbaijan. writes that Iranian side wrote about the military base and referred to the information which was presented by an Azerbaijani former militant who had to leave his house as the territory was given to Israel.

Azerbaijan gave the military base named “Shitalchay” to Israel. Our authorities leave our lands to the foreign forces”, he said and added that the base is far from Baku 50 km and is the most suitable to use. The Azerbaijani militant also informed that Azerbaijani and Israeli officials have discussed the fate of 4 military bases as well which also may be given to Israel.

“According to the experts Israeli officials will visit Baku to start negotiations about the military bases though they announce that they will arrive in Baku to participate in the opening ceremony of Israeli cultural center in Azerbaijan”, Iranian arannews agency writes.

Iranian-Azerbaijani relations have been very strained especially during the last time as Azerbaijan establishes too close relations with Iranian enemy Israel.

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