RPA and ANC held meetings with the voters today

Today some political parties held the last meetings with the voters and concluded the campaign before the elections.

Today “Prosperous Armenia” and ANC have held meetings in the center of the city. RPA leader met his votes at Ajapnyak region.

Armenian President concluded the pre-electoral campaign and announced during the meeting with the voters of Ajapnyak community that he was happy for all our political parties which managed to present their programs for the society. President also thanked for the voters and candidates for providing peace atmosphere on the pre-electoral term.  

“We have not gone to the elections without stress for a long time. I am satisfied that we create base for the new culture in our country. I am sure that the coming generation will get the results of today’s actions”, RPA leader said.

S. Sargsyan rated the importance of joint efforts to settle the issue of our country.  

RPA leader called on Ajapnyak voters to elect RPA candidates Ruben Hovsepyan and Ruben Sadoyan.

ANC also holds a meeting today at the Liberty Square. The ANC members will deliver speeches during this evening.  

ANC leader Levon Ter-Petrosyan welcomed the voters and people voiced  Levon teh President. ANC other leaders are in the Square as well.

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