“Silence day” in Armenia before the Parliamentarian elections

Today “Silence day” is in Armenia before the Parliamentarian elections. It means that no one article or information must appear in the media about the political forces which participate in the elections.

Central electoral committee informed that the last list of the voters will be presented today and the electoral papers will be given to the electoral points. As the CEC press-release says 2 million 55 thousands papers are prepared. They will be sealed and will be handed to the chairpersons of the electoral points.

Remind that nine political forces participate in the elections:

  • “Prosperous Armenia” party
  • “Heritage” party
  • Armenian national congress ally
  • Armenian Revolutionary Federation
  • Armenian Democratic Party
  • Armenian Communist Party
  • Armenian Revolutionary Party
  • “United Armenians” party
  • “Rule of Law” party
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