Electoral bribe for the “Prosperous Armenia” party candidate?

Official web-site of the candidate Gohar Veziryan alarms that now 10.000 AMD is given to the electors for the “Prosperous Armenia” party candidate Lyova Khachatryan. The announcement especially says:
“Gohar Veziryan alarmed by the hot line of the prosecutor’s office and informed Koryun Piloyan that 10.000 AMD is now given to electors for the “Prosperous Armenia” party candidate Lyova Khachatryan in Erebuni Street, billiard hall.”
Note that Anahit Bakhshyan from “Heritage” party, Karlen Gevorgyan from Armenian Revolutionary Federation, Lyova Khachatryan from “Prosperous Armenia” party, non-partial candidates Robert Masumyan, Gohar Veziryan and Tigran Ter-Petrosyan are presented at this electoral territory.
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