Armenian soldier was dead because of the mine blast: Defense Ministry confirmed at last

Investigating department of Armenian Ministry of Defense confirmed that Armenian soldier was dead in N military unit of Hadrut region.

As informs quoting to the speaker of Investigating department of Armenian DM Mary Sargsyan mine was blasted duirng the education trainings and Armenian soldier Armen Sargis Harutyunyan dead.  

According to the information the case is under investigation according to the 2nd part of 376th article of Armenian criminal codex.

Medical experiment of the corpse is nominated. One of the mines was combat but all the mines must be educational duirng the trainings.

The tragedy took place on May 17, in the morning, but no information was spread by the press service of Artsakh Defense Army. Head of the Gyumri „Asbarez“ press-club Levon Barseghyan spread the information from Gyumri.

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