Gayane Gasparyan is YSLU rector now

Today the Council of Yerevan State University (YSLU) after Valery Brusov elected the new rector.

Gayane Gasparyan was elected as YSLU rector with 22 for and 1 null votes. Note that two candidates were presented for the election. One was Gayane Gaspayan and another candidate was doctor of philological sciences, Professor Vagharshak Madoyan who did not wait until elections and took his candidacy before.

A group of the students and lecturers welcomed the new rector of the university and presented her roses.
G. Gasparyan answered to the questions by journalists then. Answering to the question which steps she scheduled after getting the position, G. Gasparyan said: ”For me the psycological situation is very imporant. I wish people to feel comfortable in the university and to enter to the university with smile. I have done great work during these 1,5 months and we will continue our work calmly and fluently”.

Commenting on the tensions between her and YSLU former rector Suren Zolyan G. Gasparyan said that she did not want to say anything bad about the previous rector. ”He is good scientist, good leader. We have worked together for years very well. Don’t force me to tell something. I have given no press-conference till now and have said nothing about our rector till now and I will say nothing now as well”, Gasparyan concluded.

Tomorrow YSLU former rector Suren Zolyan will hold a press-conference.


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