Armenian chess-players succeed in various championships

GM David Arutinian has scored 6,5 points before the last round and is solely leading at the open in Rochefort, France. GM Krikor Sevag Mekhitarian together with four other participants is only half a point behind the leader. informs about this.

GM David Arutinian was excellent at blitz tournament in Rochefort too. He scored 9 points out of 11 and took the first prize among 48 participants.

GM Levon Babujian has scored 3 points after 3 rounds and is taking the first place at the open in Rasht, Iran. The same scores have GMs Toufighi (Iran) and Korneev (Russia). GM Arsen Yegiazarian has 1,5 points.

At tournament B Haik Martirosyan and Maria Gevorgyan are among the leaders with 3 points each.

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