10th session of “Rule of law” party started

Today the 10th assembly of the “Rule of Law” party started in the sport-concert complex after Karen Demirchyan. The session started with a short movie which told about the party.

After the presentation party leader Arthur Baghdasaryan delivered a speech. He told about the way which the party passed and referred to the further plans.

He told that “Rule of Law” have always “worked hard” to fulfill those projects which it had during the entering to the Parliament. He reminded about the 2008 when the after the Presidential elections the coalition collapsed. “It assisted us to protect the country from the shakes”, he added and continued saying that the party had 150.000 members and they would assist President Serzh Sargsyan as “he is the first official who wants to lead forward this country”.

Referring to the fact that people do not trust in political forces, Baghdasaryan said that he understood those people as the political forces have cheated them.

“Rule of Law has never cheated its voters. Rule of Law has been unrealized for many times. We want to be more understood we want more people to listen to us, we want our ideas and our type of human being to reach more people”, he announced.

Baghdasaryan applies to the party members who were in the hall and said that they had much work to do till the elections and they would participate in the elections only for the victory. “If you don’t work well, when you will see”, he warned the party members.

As press service of Armenian President informed Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan attended the session. 

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