Iranian Embassy in Armenia: “Peace negotiations are the only way for NK issue”

Iranian Ambassador in Armenia spread an announcement and underlined once more that peace negotiations are the only way for NK issue.

“Embassy of Iranian Islamic Republic underlined once more that Iranian attitude towards NK issue is not changed and Iranian side is sure that the solution is available only by peace negotiations.

Iranian side has always considered that the peace negotiations between sides and the stability establishment of the region are very important. Iran is for such mediation mission in the conflicts. Iran has common border with the conflicting sides and so Iran expresses its troubles connected with any strained clash in the region”, the message by the Embassy of Iranian Islamic Republic says.

Note that on March 7 Iranian, Turkish and Azerbaijani Presidents had a trilateral meeting and during it Iranian MFA Ali Aqbar Salehi announced that Nagorno Karakakh issue must be settled in the frame of international law principles.

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