Clashes in Istanbul: Turks and Kurds kill each other

According to Business Week five Turkish policemen died while fighting the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) as security forces carried out attacks against the group in southeastern mountains, Business Week quotes Turkish Anatolia news agency.

The PKK, which is listed as a terrorist organization byTurkey, theU.S.and the European Union, has been fighting for autonomy in the southeast since 1984 in a conflict that cost more than 40,000 lives.

As inTurkeyit is tradition to crack painted eggs with others…a symbol of fertility…the birth of a new year.

For many years the country banned the celebration of Nowruz, suspicious of its links to the banned Kurdish rebel group, the PKK.  

Now, following much pressure from the European Union, tens of thousands openly take part in the annual festival across the country. InIstanbul, crowds gather for a variety of stage performances”, Iranian source writes.  

While this festival inIstanbulis all about family fun, attempts to hold Nowruz celebrations earlier in the week led to clashes with police all across the country. TheIstanbul Metropolitan Municipalitysays damages amounted to 1 million usd in the city alone.  

The pro Kurdish Peace and democracy party or BDP requested permission to hold celebrations last Sunday. The government denied this request following the seizure of large amounts of explosives in several Turkish cities, which police say were being stored by the PKK for use during this year’s annual spring festival.  

Regardless of the ban, many took to the streets to mark the occasion but were met by police with water and gas cannons.  

Clashes broke out inIstanbuland the southeast of the country leading to the death of two people, including a police officer and a BDP official. Hundreds of others were injured and or detained. 

Turkey’s Prime minister objected to the violence on such an occasion. 

However, while it now might be spring, inTurkey‘cracks’ continue to keep the political temperature cold, the Press TV concludes.

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